May-Davis-Stotzer Post 117




Arthur Olesen    Arthur S. Chadd    Charles M. Bailey    Joseph James Emerick

Harry A. Webster    James F. Simpson    Ulysses G. Avery    Benjamin Wilcox

Frederick E. Hackett    Robert C. Tracy    Gilbert C. Walters    George W. Firth

Merle Edward Morrison    Arthur J. Prescher    Orzo M. Crawford    Daniel J. Kerr

Harold C. Burdon    Joseph W. Rowland    Robert H. Bray


1929 - A group of local veterans begin to organize under a Temporary Charter from the American Legion.

October 6, 1930 - Permanent Charter granted creating the May-Davis-Stotzer Post 117 of the American Legion in Newington Conncticut.  Members listed above, named as charter members.

March 12, 1971 - May-Davis-Stotzer Post 117 is granted a Supplimental Charter for Incorporated Posts.


To the Newington Community,

The history of May-Davis-Stotzer Post 117 is a work in progress.  Having been a part of the Newington Community since 1929 our history is rich.  But like many things time has caused some of it to fade.  Everyday, as we lose a member of our community, we also lose some of that rich history.  Help us preserve the memories of May-Davis-Stotzer Post 117, it's members and it's contributions to the Newington community by submitting your personal narrative of events in which Our post was involved.  Your submissions can be sent to the attention of our Historian, Philip Whitman at the above address.  Where possible, include dates and names of Post 117 members or town officials.

Thank you for continuing to support veterans and Post 117.



Post 117


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